Guest cabin has large centerline double bed.


Bonus shelving / storage area located in guest cabin.




Both hulls of this Lagoon 42 catamaran (owner version) feature aft staterooms that are very spacious and airy for a boat this size. They are both configured similarly. The owner's hull is to port.

The staterooms feature:

Centerline queen size bed

Four Goit ventilation ports (one large overhead, two side portholes and one aft porthole)

Bench seat with hidden storage compartment underneath

Hanging locker

Large, deep clothing shelves

Two large storage drawers below bed

Shoe locker

Large, deep recessed book / storage case

Individual, aimable reading lamps

Two speed Hella 12 volt fan

Centerline queen bed - There are a couple of important features about the berth that you might not notice unless you've sepnet considerable time aboard, especially at anchor. Centerline configuration is more comfortable than an athwartship (sideways) bed, especially at anchor. The centerline arrangement also allows you to get into our out of bed without disturbing your partner. Unlike many aft cabin catamarans, the head room in the bunk is considerable...eliminating that "crawling into a coffin" feeling.

Ventilation - The four Goit hatches are essential and you'll be really glad that the designers allowed for good cabin ventilation. The large overhead hatch by itself allows for plenty of airflow, but you need to close it when it's raining (which happens often in the tropics). At those times you can really appreciate the two side portholes, which, by themselves, provide enough airflow to keep things cool. What really makes the whole system efficient is the rear porthole, which is a custom addition on Web of Lies. Located at the back of the cabin, this allows the air to vent through the cabin and out the back; a true "flow through" configuration. For those rare times when there's no wind, the two speed Hella turbo fan provides good, quiet, energy efficient air flow.

Bench seat - This is a nice touch...a place to sit while getting dressed. Below the cushion is a sizeable hidden storage area which is another intelligent use of space.

Lockers, drawers, shelving - The cabin has side by side hanging / shelving lockers with plenty of storage for clothing, etc. In the master cabin (port hull) we've substituted additional shelving for the hanging locker, since there are three other hanging lockers on the boat already. In the starboard hull, the hanging locker was kept in the original configuration. Below the lockers there's a shoe locker which provides additional storage. There are also two large, deep drawers located on the panel below the bed. All in all, there's a lot of storage to allow you to keep your bedroom items close at hand.

Custom bookcase - The port stateroom has a large, deep recessed book case / storage unit. The starboard stateroom has a non-recessed full length (58 inches long) bookshelf. Both of these were custom made for this boat.

Guest cabin - The guest cabin is located in the starboard hull forward. The centerline double bed features full head room and has a spacious, airy feeling. Like the aft staterooms, the guest cabin also has the bench seat / storage unit, hanging locker, shelving locker, shoe locker, double drawers below the bunk, dual reading lamps, two speed Hella 12 volt fan and four Goit ventilation hatches.




Centerline queen size beds in aft staterooms have full head room above. Note custom bookshelf and aft flow through ventilation porthole.


Port aft stateroom has same configuration as starboard except for custom deeply recessed book shelf / storage area on inner wall.


hanging locker

Side by side hanging locker / shelving unit gives lots of in cabin storage.