Forward has a workroom / office / pantry custom built by Huckins Yacht Corp to yacht grade specs and finishes (cherry wood to match the rest of the interior) and features 24 drawers, 2 hanging folder file drawers, large three shelf cabinet, wrap around overhead shelves, wrap around Corian topped counters (to match galley) large hidden waste bin and bench vice. p~ photos coming soon

Companionway - The inboard starboard hull companionway houses the electrical panel behind side by side cabinet doors. Next to the electrical cabinet is a large, three shelf covered bookcase / shelving unit. On the outboard side there is a large hanging locker. Next to the hanging locker is a three shelf storage unit. Both of these are hidden behind side by side cabinet doors. ~ more photos coming soon


Companionway houses electrical cabinet, book cabinet, hanging locker and shelving locker. Like the rest of the boat, the yacht grade interior lets you stow all your things behind varnished cabinet doors. No clutter!




work room
Yacht grade construction and finish in a well thought out, useful layout. Ample light is provided by hidden under shelf flourescent fixtures.
Room has wrap around shelf storage in addition to the drawers and cabinets . Two portholes and large overhead hatch keep the room well ventilated.
l caThere are four deep shelves concealed behind the side by side cabinet doors. Note vench vice on right, and corian counters.