lWeb of Lie is our Lagoon catamaran. Specifically, she's a Lagoon 42 catamaran, referred to as a Lagoon 42 TPI (not a Lagoon 420). She is the earlier version of the Lagoon 42, built in 1992 by the famed yacht yard Tillotson Pearson, Inc. She is the highly desireable owner's version of the boat, and was never in charter. This catamaran for sale is available now. It's actually for sale by owner for the time being, until it goes into a more conventional brokerage situation. Catamaran for sale by owner, just as yacht for sale by owner is becoming a more and more common thing now that we have the internet to help us find boats. In our case, we have kept the catamaran for sale by owner status because we are still cruising her in the Caribbean island region. Once we're done, our Lagoon catamaran may be taken to Florida or left in the Caribbean in the hands of a brokerage.

Web of Lies, our Lagoon 42 catamaran is now for sale. This is the highly sought after owner version of the popular Lagoon 42 TPI catamaran, not to be confused with the more recent Lagoon 420. This catamaran has numerous features making it ideal for cruising, live aboard or chartering. This website was built to help the prospecitve buyer learn all they can about Web of Lies.